With 50 years of presence in the sector of construction projects, the building company BUILDY LTD, has completed many projects throughout the Prefecture of Thessaloniki.  It consists a modern and innovative selection in its sector, both in the study and design of a project and in its construction.

BUILDY LTD is staffed with specialized professionals that undertake consistently and promptly, to perform a multitude of construction works, renovations and building works.

The goal of the company’s staff is to offer to its clients, building constructions that meet their needs and requirements. In order to achieve the above goal, the company selects with the proper care and with the ultimate sense of responsibility, both the construction staff and its associates and suppliers.

Briefly, BUILDY LTD can offer to its clients:

► Excellent construction quality

Architectural design of high aesthetics.

Functionality of the building constructions.

Consultation with the buyer for possible modifications.

Delivery time within the schedule deadlines.

Financing of housing loans with the most favorable terms and conditions in the market.